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Origin: Egypt

Product: fresh green peas

 Availability   :   Oct Till Apr

  Origin   : Egypt

     Size   :   3-6 cm

 Variety:   snow peas , fresh peas,  Oriental ,  Mange Tout ,Sugar Asnab

  Color    :  Natural Green


 Packing   : 5 kg carton or carton box

Shipping documents:

BL (Bill of lading) 3 Original, 2 Copy

Certificate of Origin Form A or EUR1

Certificate of Phytosanitary Original 1 Copy

Commercial Invoice 3 Original 3 Copy

Packing List 3 Original 3 Copy

Optional Documents (if Required)

Certificate of fumigation

1 original 1 Copy

Certificate of Insurance

 1 Original 1 copy

Container shipping details

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