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Origin: Egypt

Product: fresh lemons

 Variety:- citrus lemons

 1-Adalia lemon

2-Eurka 1


4-Seedless lemon


 Availability: - most of the year available

Color: Natural Green Yellow

 SIZES: 80, 88,100,125,113,135,165

Packing: 8, 15 kg (telescopic /open top) cartons

Container capacity Details:

Number of Tons per container :   24 tons

Number of Pallets per container :20 pallets

Number of Cartons per container: 1600 cartons  15 kg  

Number of Cartons per pallet : 3000 cartons 8 kg

150 cartons 8

Sea Shipping :

Number of Tons per Shipmen: 1-2 tons

Shipping from sea port to any destination

Container shipping details

We have relations with most of International Shipping Lines

Such as: Maersk – coma –happen  Lloyd –Kline

Shipping Start Within:

 7 days of receiving prepayment



Brix 9.5

Acidity 1.3

Juice 45

Vitamin 70/100 ml